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From Solomon's Songbook
The Odes of Solomon in Poetic Paraphrase. 
David C Anderson, poet; Mary Kathryn Beach, illustrator

       Of the Odes in their original language, the first translator, Rendel Harris, said, "They are marked by a closeness of touch with heavenly things and a vivid sense of communion with God."

  Their most recent translator, James Charlesworth, has said, "Of all the Biblical books, canonical and extracanonical, one of the most beautifully composed is the earliest Christian hymnbook pseudonymously called the Odes of Solomon."

  Though no one has yet learned the name of their author, from the odes themselves we learn much of his identity. He is sensitive to the presence of God-- a mystic. He loves his language-- a poet. He shows us how to sing praises together-- a liturgist. He loves his heritage and praises Jesus the Messiah who has changed it into something new.

  Mary and Dan Beach made a selection from David Anderson's paraphrases. Mary illustrated the book. Together they published it.

The Odes: From Solomon's Songbook
 48 pages, softcover  isbn 10: 0-937762-00-8  

Library of Congress card number 80-69003


        Lord, You have crowned me with Yourself.
        How could I ever be without You/

        Your truth has been so woven for me
        that it branches, leafs and buds in me.

        Its wreath does not wither; it flowers.
        You are alive in me and blossoming.

        Not a one of Your fruits is missing,
        each of them is full of You. 


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